Kate Furnivall

Sweeping romance. Sumptuous settings. Unforgettable adventure.

Publication Day for THE LIBERATION in Australia and New Zealand


The first day of a new year is always exciting, but 2017 is starting with a SPECIAL bang for me because today is Publication Day of THE LIBERATION in Australia and New Zealand. So I want to say a big hello to all readers in Oz and hope you will enjoy diving into a complex and emotional story of a young woman fighting to survive among the ruins of Italy at the end of the war.

Here are a few of the reviews:-

“Furnivall’s plot is a cracker – full of violent twists as Caterina struggles to stay alive in a sad and desperate Italy.” THE TIMES

“Fast moving, atmospheric and romantic, this is great escapism.” SUNDAY MIRROR

“A twisting story of love and violence set in post-war Naples.” THE TELEGRAPH

“Romance! Drama! Art crime! An Italy torn apart by war. A compelling read that is hard to put down.” MY WEEKLY MAGAZINE


Publication Day for THE LIBERATION




Very excited! Today is Publication Day for THE LIBERATION and already great reviews are coming in:-

“The Liberation is complex, captivating and so, so cleverly plotted. An AMAZING read!”  My Book Shelf

“A powerful and enthralling read.”  Rea’s Book Reviews

“Atmosphere, cracking characters and an air of mystery – Kate Furnuivall has written a beautiful new book.” Juliet Ashton




This is a picture of an author hard at work! Here I am enjoying the delights of glorious Sorrento perched high on its cliff, with the brooding presence of Mount Vesuvius in the background – a reminder of the dangers that lurk across the bay in Naples.


Sorrento is a town that I never wanted to leave. Its exquisitely beautiful buildings captivated me and I loved the way there were trees bearing oranges growing in abundance along the main shopping street. While the vast luscious lemons drew me irresistibly to the wonderful bottles of limoncello liqueur that flashed from every street corner.


I was there to research a setting for my new book, THE LIBERATION, but even I wasn’t prepared for what I found there. I stumbled on to workshops of the most superb inlaid woodwork. This craft is a speciality of Sorrento that I knew nothing about and it was a huge light-bulb moment for me. Yes, that was exactly what I needed! So I made my main character, Caterina Lombardi, a skilled craftswoman who was fighting to prove herself in a man’s world. But it was that skill that was to lead her into the twists and turns of a story of love and violence in post-war Naples.




The decision to include references to Sherlock Holmes in SHADOWS ON THE NILE was an easy one.

Once I had constructed my plot, I knew I needed one character to lay a trail of clues for his sister to follow. So I had to find a subject for these clues that would resonate with the reader.

Instantly the inimitable Sherlock Holmes leapt to mind. He is the supreme master of spotting clues and interpreting each stain on a sleeve or scuff on a shoe. Who else could conjure up such realities out of flimsy hints and fragile threads? I decided that Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street was the perfect subject on which to base my own clues. Read More…


A tattered photograph. A yellowing piece of film. A tiny insignificant detail in a memoir. These are the stuff of pure joy to an author of historical fiction. My novels are set in the first half of the 1900s and sometimes finding precious nuggets of research gold can be a slow and painstaking process.

When I start to research a novel, it is a thrilling moment. Anything and everything is possible. I have no idea who or what I will meet along the way. Will I fall in love with my chosen location? Get swept away by the period? What political shenanigans were rife? How do I weave my characters into this factual tapestry? I get so engrossed, I am often side-tracked by fascinating details and wander off down blind alleyways. Delightful – but oh, so time wasting! Read More…

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