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Croatia Book Fair

Very excited this week. I’m off to Croatia on Friday to the Interliber Book Fair in Zagreb, as guest of my Croatian publisher, Profil.

This is new territory for me – in every sense. But it will be fascinating to learn more about this market while I’m out there, to talk with authors from other countries and to Croatian readers about what kind of books they value.

Have you noticed how each country seems to have its own special quirks when it comes to books? Just look how we’re all into the moody Scandinavian thrillers now, and the UK’s big flashy historicals that rake over the compelling intrigues of our past kings and queens.

But I wonder what books come out of Croatia …..

Vivid tales of Dalmatian pirates perhaps? Or the moving stories of families torn apart during the break-up of Yugoslavia? I can’t wait to find out. The trouble with writers (one of many!) is that we do tend to get a bit stuck into navel-gazing, so it does us the world of good to get all shaken up out of our cosy nests. We need to see what makes other places and other people tick, especially if you set your books in exotic locations, as I do.

Croatia, hmm, yes. Ottoman and Hapsburg empires at each other’s throats and hair-raising stories of thrones and betrayal. I can feel a middle-European book coming on – from this country with its wonderfully dramatic history combined with a warm and passionate ┬ápeople.

I’m in for a good time!



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