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Diamonds in the Dust eSpecial

Here is my first foray into short story eSpecials, and I’m very excited to be entering this brave new world. This short story is called DIAMONDS IN THE DUST and is set in 1942 in Darwin when the war came to Australia. Two of the characters have stepped right out of my latest book, THE WHITE PEARL, but here they create a dramatic new life of their own that took me completely by surprise. I loved writing it.

The eSpecial is available to download in the US at:




or: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Kate_Furnivall_Diamonds_In_The_Dust?id=Q2OhXbsPSKAC

Penguin US have created a gorgeously spicy cover for it and I hope that readers in America will download and enjoy a taste of my favourite new character – Hatti Hoot who takes Darwin by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good shake.The story takes place in 1942. The war has come to Darwin, Australia, and Japanese planes spit death from the skies in air raids. But Hatti Hoot – red-haired and six foot tall – doesn’t exactly blend in with the crowd and when she spots two men looting a jewellery shop during one of the air raids, she intervenes. A wilful young Malayan girl also spots the diamonds, but then a police officer steps in and everything goes wildly wrong.

I have relished the change of pace from writing 500 page books – I hope you do too.


12 Responses to “Diamonds in the Dust eSpecial”

  1. Richard says:

    Amazing! I’m really excited to try this story and continue with the characters from the White Pearl, which I loved.

  2. KateFurnivall says:

    Go for it!

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi Kate, I hope you’re well. I just wanted to send you a quick message to say how much I love your books. I’ve read them all now and thoroughly enjoyed them but keep finding myself coming back to Lydia and Chang An Lo’s story. I’ve once again just finished reading The Concubine’s Secret and was just completely blown away by the story and setting.

    I know you must get lots of messages saying the same thing, but I’d just like to say, as a big fan, that I really hope you decide to write another book about those two in Hong Kong. I’d love to see what adventures Lydia has on her way to Hong Kong. I truly hope that after all their pain and suffering, they finally end up together!

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!


  4. Martie says:

    But why can’t we get this inthe Bristish Isles???????

  5. KateFurnivall says:

    Good to hear you’ve enjoyed my stories. To re-read a book is the greatest compliment to it and its author, so thank you for that. I especially loved writing the Lydia books because of their connection with my family’s history, and she still hangs around in my head, pushing and prodding for another story. One day she – and her fans – will get their way!

  6. KateFurnivall says:

    Because my UK publisher has not yet put it out there, but it should be happening soon. I’d really like readers of The White Pearl to pick up on this short story, as it gives a kind of further closure to the events in the book. I’ll keep you posted. 

  7. Norma powell says:

    Hi Kate,
    Im so glad that I am not the only one who desperately wants a sequel to the The Concubines Secret – I have read and enjoyed all your books however I really feel that there is unfinished business in Hong Kong with Lydia and Chan. Please ,please keep writing.


  8. Jade says:

    Hello. Will this book be avaliable on amazon Australian customers? Thanks in advance.

  9. KateFurnivall says:

    in the Dust is a short story, not a full length book, but is set in Darwin, so  I would very
    much like it to be available to my readers in Australia, especially as it
    brings a kind of further closure to The White Pearl.. I believe my
    publisher is planning to release it as an ebook next year, when it will be
    available on Amazon.co.uk. I will certainly be posting on my website as soon as
    I know the date of its release.

  10. KateFurnivall says:

    Thanks, Norma, for the encouragement. I’ll certainly keep writing and one of these days I will have to finish that unfinished business!

  11. Karen L. Koehler says:

    Hello Kate, I read the White Pearl first and knew I had to read more of your books.  I have just finished The Jewel of St. Petersburg and I loved it too.  In both books I found myself there with the characters on the boat or trying to walk the streets of St. Petersburg seeing danger around every corner.

    Thank you for writing,


  12. KateFurnivall says:

    Thanks for your comments, Karen. From the heat of Malaya to the snows of Russia is quite a leap, but I’m glad you enjoyed the journey. ‘Jewel’ is the start of Lydia’s story which is continued in ‘The Russian Concubine’ and ‘The Concubine’s Secret’ (titled ‘The Girl from Junchow’ in US) – so make sure you take a warm coat!

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