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Publication Day in US

I am full of excitement because today THE WHITE PEARL is published in America. Yes, I do know that it’s Super Tuesday when many of the primary elections are held  across the US, so citizens have rather more weighty matters on their mind, and that makes it even more of a nail-biting time.

Authors never know what lies in store for their book as it strides forth into the big wide world of the bookstores, jostled by other books eager to catch a reader’s eye. There is more info for you about THE WHITE PEARL on this website (go on, click on the book cover), but I’ll just tell you here that it is a powerful story set in the steamy heat of Malaya in 1941 – a dark time in that country’s history. It is a tale of love and danger, a clash of choices – both moral and physical – that dramatically alters the lives of all those involved.

Each book we read changes us in some indelible way, just as today could change the future for America. I know in the US you’ll be voting in earnest, but how about a vote for THE WHITE PEARL too?

2 Responses to “Publication Day in US”

  1. I Tew says:

    White Pearl
    Loved yr book purchased in Pattaya Thailand. Read yr other books which why purchased and I know the waters.
    Following meant as constructive
    P 204 no such course as ten degrees south. It must be either s or 10 degrees w or e of s.
    I take Palur to be Port Swettenham the only Mayasian port in Malacca straits to export rubber n palm oil. So they leave and head south towards Singapore. Don’t see how the wind can roar in from the wastes of the Indian ocean Indonesia in the way!!
    Malacca straits quite shallow can get a nasty steep sea n bad wx usually short n water a muddy brown!
    The island can’t be washed by the Pacific unless they exited Java sea via Sunday straits and if off Borneo either washed by Java Sea or S China Sea

  2. KateFurnivall says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed The White Pearl and I appreciate your constructive comments. I freely admit I am not a sailor but with research and with help from others, I thought I had it covered. Obviously not quite! I’ll see what I can do about including your points in future reprints. Thanks.

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