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Publication Partying

Publication Day dawned bright and clear – a good omen. I caught an early train up to London to give me time to dash to the British Museum to check out a piece of research for my new book. I met my agent and we spent a deliciously indulgent hour cruising the Covent Garden shops, followed by a superb celebratory lunch with my publisher Sphere. Thank you, Rebecca. We toasted the new book in style.

Afterwards I did what every author does on publication day (even if they lie through their teeth and swear they don’t!). I did a quick check of bookshops to make sure The White Pearl was highly visible (it was) and then met up with my author friends at the Soho Hotel (very swish) where the hotel created an awesome White Pearl cocktail for us (white, of course, and so gorgeous I could live off it). The managers of the hotel bar and restaurant did me proud and the lovely Sioned presented me with a charming gift. From then on, it just got livelier and livelier. We had a wonderful evening, I signed some books and eventually fell into bed around 2am.

The trouble came the next morning. I had to go into my publisher’s office for a meeting on how to manage the technical stuff for this sumptuous new website – which involves going behind it all to access something called a ‘dashboard’ with passwords and ghastly layers of buttons to click and catalogues to sort out. Don’t ask!

I sat there looking suitably focused as it was explained to me for over an hour, when all I was really concentrating on was keeping the matchsticks propping ┬ámy eyes open and listening to the drums in my head. Nevertheless, if you’re reading this, it means I absorbed sufficient info …. subliminally. Thank you for your patience, Carleen.

Now the waiting starts. Will The White Pearl race up the charts? I’m relying on you!


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