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Only two weeks to the UK publication of  SHADOWS ON THE NILE.

This is always a thrilling time. To see the book with its gorgeous cover at last hitting the bookshelves – as well as flying through the ether to the e-readers – is a moment to treasure.

So where is the story set?

Well, the word Nile and the image of the pyramids on the cover give a bit of a clue! Yes, most of the action takes place in 1932 Egypt, only a few years after Howard Carter’s opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun caused Ancient Egypt fever to take the world by storm.

It’s the complex story of Jessie Kenton, a commercial artist living in 1932 London. When she was a child her younger brother, Georgie, went missing and she never saw him again. Now, as an adult, when her other brother, Tim, an archaeologist, suddenly vanishes, Jessie is determined to find him.

With the assistance of the aristocratic but impoverished Monty Chamford, she follows a trail of clues that lead her to Egypt. Her search is difficult and dangerous. Powerful men do not want her brother found. Against a background of violent political unrest in Egypt and the breathtaking wonders of the ancient tombs, of scorching desert and the relentless sweep of the Nile, Jessie is forced to face who she is and to confront the demons that haunt her.

It is only here in the timeless Land of the Pharaohs that Jessie finds not only love, but a greater understanding of the brother she lost so many years before.

So there you have it! And this is just the start. Lots of exciting photos and info yet to come about my research and about the themes behind the story.

So do drop by again soon!

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