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SHADOWS ON THE NILE Publication Day US & Canada

Today is Publication Day for SHADOWS ON THE NILE in the US and Canada. I am thrilled.

Review: “A stonkingly good read. A dazzling and energetic story with historical mystery and huge twists … The author demonstrates an incredible understanding of the period.” BestChicLit.com

It starts in 1912. Jessie Kenton hears her young brother, Georgie, scream in the middle of the night and wakes up the next morning to find him gone. Her parents never speak of him again. Twenty years later Jessie is haunted by the same nightmare when her other brother, Timothy, inexplicably disappears. In her quest to find him Jessie is helped by Sir Monty Chamford and together they plunge into a mysterious world of seances and mystics, nebulous clues and Egyptian artifacts. The trail leads to Egypt where Jessie must confront her own demons in the swirling sands of the desert. But all the time her missing brother, Georgie, is viewing the world from a different perspective and it is his poignant relationship with his siblings that ultimately allows him to confront the danger they face.

2 Responses to “SHADOWS ON THE NILE Publication Day US & Canada”

  1. Karren Dixon says:

    I am so looking forward to your new book. I enjoyed your others so much and have red all of them. I come from a little Russian community in British Columbia, Canada so the Jewel of St. Petersburg, Russian Concubine and your other stories about Russia were amazing. Thank you for hours of enjoyment on all of your books.

  2. Tessa Baxter says:

    Shadows on the Nile is my first K F read. Having visited Egypt I appreciate how the book resonates with the accents and tones of Cairo. (Still reading) my only criticism has been an excess of similes, otherwise an intriguing story. Well done.

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