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Here it is, the cover of SHADOWS ON THE NILE.

Totally gorgeous, isn’t it? Moody and magnificent. My publisher, Little Brown, has done a brilliant job.

So what’s it about?

It’s a sweeping story of love and courage, of lies and adventure. But revenge also waits in the shadowy streets of Cairo and Luxor and in the implacable wastes of the desert.

The book opens in London 1932 when Jessie Kenton’s brother goes missing. She vows to find him. Haunted by an incident from her past, she teams up with Sir Montague Chamford, but both have secrets that they are hiding. Together they follow clues that lead them on a trail to Egypt, but there are powerful people who do not want her brother found.

It is in the relentless heat of the desert that Jessie falls in love, and as her defences are stripped away, she is forced to face the demons that drive her. But nothing is as it seems. Death and deception stalk the Nile in this dramatic story of  devotion and danger.

I hope you’re going to enjoy it.


16 Responses to “SHADOWS ON THE NILE”

  1. Hi Kate,

    The cover is nice ~ what’s the U.S. release date?

  2. KateFurnivall says:

    Hi Reading Cove,
    Great to hear from you again. Glad you like the cover. I haven’t been given a US publication date yet, but I anticipate that it will be next summer.

  3. Jessica says:

    That sounds wonderful! And as a big sister, I love plots that show what siblings would do for each other. You just don’t see those very much…

  4. KateFurnivall says:

    Another big sister called Jessica! Fabulous. Straight out of SHADOWS ON THE NILE. I agree with you about siblings not getting much of a look-in in books. As a twin myself, I am conscious of how strong that bond is. I hope you enjoy meeting my Jessie.

  5. Tiff says:

    Oh! It looks, (and sounds) beautiful!! Will there be any chance of ARC giveaways?
    Also, what are your favorite books?

  6. KateFurnivall says:

    Thanks, Tiff. I’m sure ARC giveaways will appear soon. At the moment I’m reading a great book by Rachel Joyce – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – which is rapidly turning into one of my favourites.

  7. Brentsue says:

    Harold Fry! one of my favourites for 2012!!

  8. Susie says:

    eagerly awaiting my ARC from Rep here in NZ. We LOVED White Pearl and I am sure Shadows of the Nile will be popular in store too. as an aside, are you planning a sequel to White Pearl anytime soon?

  9. KateFurnivall says:

    Mine too. A great read.

  10. KateFurnivall says:

    That’s great – I hope it leaps off the shelves. I am scheduled to do a book-tour Down-under next year. I don’t know any details yet, but to take in NZ would be fantastic. As for a White Pearl sequel, nothing planned just yet but I never say never. I have written a short story that is a kind of footnote to the book – with Connie and Maya in it – and it’s being published as an ebook-special next spring, I believe. At the moment that’s the best I can offer!

  11. Aurora says:

    The book sounds fascinating. This may be old news and my apologies, but so far no Lydia and Chang novels? 


    (Post script: I reviewed four of your novels on my blog: The Russian Concubine, The Girl from Junchow, The Jewel of St. Petersburg and The White Pearl, although in honesty I didn’t like The White Pearl that much :(

  12. KateFurnivall says:

    I hope you enjoy the new book and I’ll be pleased if you give it a mention on your blog. Thanks for the other reviews. As for another Lydia and Chang novel …. not at the moment, but I never say never!

  13. Prochla says:

    Hi Kate, I hope it will be chance to read another Lydia and Chang novel.
    It was fascinating story and very good Czech translation done by Hana Volejnik.

  14. KateFurnivall says:

    Hi Prochla, 
    It’s good to know the translation is good – I am completely in the hands of my publisher for that aspect. I hope one day soon to write another Lydia and Chang novel that will continue their story. There is so much still to tell!

  15. cathy says:

    I,too, loved Lydia and Chang!! Read those books a few times each ! they are great!! when will Shadows on the Nile  be out? thanks,Cathy

  16. KateFurnivall says:

    Well, Cathy, it depends where you live in the world. The good news is that if you live Down-Under, SHADOWS ON THE NILE will be published in Australia and New Zealand next month, 6th December, and on Kindle at the same time. But it won’t be out in the UK until next June and not in the US until next October (2013). Thanks for your generous comments about Lydia and Chang. Great to hear.

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