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THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN Ebook Publication Day


It’s a wonderful double whammy for me today and I am very excited. It is Ebook Publication Day of my new novel – THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN. So get your Kindles warmed up and ready.

But there’s more! It is also paperback Publication Day of THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The Southern Hemisphere strikes lucky! Unfortunately the rest of my lovely readers in UK and elsewhere who are waiting for a paperback, rather than an ebook, will have to be patient until next summer when it will be unleashed in the Northern Hemisphere. Sorry about that, but it’s all about publishers’ schedules.

So what is the story?

Well, as it says on the tin, it is an epic story of love, loss and danger in paradise. About deceit and corruption, about the snake slithering into Eden.

With breathtakingly blue skies, stunning white beaches and glorious sunshine, the Bahamas is a slice of heaven. But it is 1943 and the world is at war. Even paradise isn’t safe. The military have set up training bases on the island and the Duke of Windsor is Governor.

Young Dodie Wyatt thinks she has escaped her turbulent past, but one night she finds a man stabbed in an alleyway and her whole world changes.

On the other side of Nassau a wealthy diplomat’s wife, Ella Stanford, has secrets to keep – and those secrets could put her life in danger.

When one of the richest men in the world, Sir Harry Oakes, is found brutally murdered in his bed, these two very different women are drawn together. Dodie finds love with a secretive American stranger on the island but events spiral into violence, greed and death, until Dodie and Ella have only each other to rely on as their lives are torn apart ….

What next? Ah, well, for more you have to read the book!

And isn’t the cover just gorgeous? Thank you, Sphere/Little Brown’s art department for a fabulous design.

Drop by again soon to see some pics of my research trip to all that sun-bleached sand and all those rum punches in the Bahamas …. well, someone had to do it!!

2 Responses to “THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN Ebook Publication Day”

  1. Janet Maddy says:

    Kate, I’ve just found you! Read the first two of a series I found at the library. Searching for the next one, I am thrilled to know it’s published. I have to read it! Can’t wait to get all of your books. They are alive! You are incredible! Thank you for this grand adventure and the others I’m sure are waiting. God bless you…actually has blessed you with a heart and mind that wraps pain in hope, joy and beauty to endure, even embrace all of Life. Continued success!

  2. Janet Maddy says:

    Kate, I’m a very enthusiastic new fan! Love your books! Love the heart and mind that can create such grand adventures! Your books are alive with the joy, pain and hope that is life…when we don’t stop living. Thank you. God bless.

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