Kate Furnivall

Sweeping romance. Sumptuous settings. Unforgettable adventure.

Reading Group Questions for Shadows on the Nile

1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books play a prominent role in SHADOWS ON THE NILE. When Tim took Jessie to the British Museum, she said, “Lead on, my intimate friend and associate”. How is this Sherlock Holmes quote a theme for the book? How are the stories of Sherlock Holmes a catalyst for the plot development?

2. Timothy Kenton’s girlfriend tells Jessie that her brother considers her his uraeus, the cobra on a pharaoh’s headdress to protect him from harm. How is Jessie Tim’s protector? Are there other protectors in the story?

3. SHADOWS ON THE NILE is set in 1932. Would the story be different if it took place in the present day? If so, how?

4. Jessie and Monty witness a riot in London protesting the Means Test. Fareed and his men are rebelling against British colonialism in Egypt. How is Jessie caught in the middle of both rebellions?

5. When Jessie finds out that Tim is missing, she thinks, You have no idea that losing Timothy is like losing part of myself. Is there anyone in your life whom you would risk your life to save? Why do you think Jessie feels so strongly, and how does it affect her actions? Discuss.

6. Why do you think the author chose to include chapters from Georgie’s point of view? How does this make the book different from if it had all been in an objective voice?

7. Do you think it was right of Tim to take Georgie to Egypt?

8. Jessie’s mother says about Georgie, “That boy is incapable of love”. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

9. Did all the plot twists take you by surprise or did you see some of them coming?

10. Would you describe this book as a historical romance, a mystery, or both? Which genre do you think is most relevant? Why?