Kate Furnivall

Sweeping romance. Sumptuous settings. Unforgettable adventure.

Reading Group Questions for The White Pearl

The White Pearl

1. Who was your favourite character and why?

2. Who was your least favourite character and why?

3. Did you know much about the historical background to the novel before starting it? What did it add to the reading experience? How has the author used her research?

4. What do you think of Connie as the heroine of the novel? How does Connie change through the course of the book? Do you think she makes the right choices in her life?

5. What do the characters of Maya and Razak tell you about Malaya at this time? How did you feel about their determination to exact revenge on Connie?

6. What do you feel are the main themes in The White Pearl?

7. What are the differences, and similarities, between Connie and Maya?

8. How would you describe the atmosphere on the boat?

9. Did you trust Fitz, as Connie does, through the book?

10. Did the ending take you by surprise and do you think Connie made the right choice?